Spider Midi


Product Description

You can utilise the expertise of POWERFAB by entrusting it with your project, as complex or singular as it may be.

We can help you build this mid ranged spider excavator with self leveling ability and full 360 degree slew We will be able to create with you an optimal solution of customised equipment that will take into account the specificities of your sector of activity.

We offer a consulting service that encompasses the following mechanical expertise:

3D Modeling and Design
Mechanical concept
Mechanical manufacturing
Creation of prototypes
Product development
Optimization of existing facilities

This £950 package is for a set of drawings and 3D step file of a basic machine AND 2 hours consultancy so we can begin to adapt the drawings to your specification and budget requirements. The DRAWINGS are offered with two hours support via emails and telephone calls to ensure a smooth start to your build process with an option to buy more support if required.

This set of drawings of a wheeled mini excavator that can climb up steep slpes and get to hard to reach digs. Comes with 3D CAD solid works and STEP file so can be used on most CAD systems. We can offer technical support by email and offer suppliers and cost saving ways of building but please realise though that this is your project. This is a difficult build we have easier plans on our other listings, this is our top of range wheeled mini excavator and has the 360 degree slewing . The DRAWINGS are offered with support via emails and telephone however you can buy extra support if required.

The drawings will be on solid works and step files not PDF you will need to download a free trial programme to view designs and make drawings etc one example of the main assembly drawing is shown in the gallery, the drawings are of the more difficult machine with the levers at the side. Also we will include 3D CAD STEP file format which can be viewed using free software that we will supply a link for allowing you to zoom in and rotate a particular part, which helps with the build process.

The excavators have been designed and developed using our 30 years expertise. Our modular system allows a customer the option of purchasing a high specification Perkins diesel powered 360 slew machine with offset for side digging and Hydraulic Power Take Off (HPTO) to operate accessories such as post hole borers, machine mounted breakers and concrete saws.
The plans will be sent electronically 3D CAD format not PDF format and will not include detailed CAD engineered drawings these need to be drawn



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