Powerfab 355 Degree Slew Mini Excavator 4WD

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Product Description

Designed and developed using our 30 years expertise, the new Powerfab 355 degree slew which is stopped by fabricated stopper is engineered utilising the knowledge we acquired building towable excavators.

The Powerfab 355 offers features and innovations not found on other wheeled mini excavators. The chassis is built to allow narrow access (will fit through the doorway of a house), deep digging ability and a great low cost slewing mechanism.

* Skid steer hydrostatic drive can be two or four wheel drive

* Backfiill dozer blade can act as rear anchor when digging for increased tearout force.

*Hydraulic Power Take Off (HPTO) option to operate accessories such as post hole borers, machine mounted breakers, concrete saws.

The STEEL KIT we supply gives you the ability to buy a quality product made in Britain at a very competitive price and to upgrade when you require and have all the desired features.

The steel kit comes with all the fabrications welded and painted our easy to follow walk through plans, which include all drawings on PDF. You source the hydraulic cylinders and control valve allowing you the opportunity to source second hand or when budget allows. We can provide ongoing technical support contact us for details.

Here are some other reasons to buy a Powerfab Steel KIT,

1. Very low cost. Building this towable Mini Excavator yourself can save you thousands over the cost of buying a commercially built machine. You’ll not only save on the build up of the machine, you’ll save on repair and maintenance cost over the life of the machine.

2. Hydrostatic DRIVE both front wheels have hydraulic motors which give you skid steer drive and can drive you around on site. You can source these motors second hand and we are on hand to advise you of the best specification and how to fit. It has two wheel drive the front drive and the rear wheels are fixed allowing for tracks over tyres option.

3. It has a hydraulic blade that also acts as an anchor and holds the machine in place increasing digging force, this enables the machine to punch above its weight and outdig many heavier tracked machines. The anchor utilises a hydraulic cylinder to enable rear spades to dig into the ground and secure the machine when excavating boasting a tearout force of upto 2 tonnes!!!!

4.The wheels also fit inwards toward the machine enabling the machine to dig against the side of the wall on a house. or fit through the narrow access including the doorway of a house!!

5. You could make money doing work for others. Your mini excavator will pay for itself fast and it’s always worth more than it cost to build, should you decide to sell.

6. This mini excavator is designed to give years of rugged service, with replaceable pins and bushings and grease fittings. Maintaining the mini excavators are designed to be quick and easy, a few shots of grease and an occasional oil change is all that’s required.

7. We give you the specification of all the parts which are off the shelf! Also you can save a lot of money buying used parts for example a second hand hydraulic power pack which incorporates the engine, pump, oil cooler and other parts. We are here to help you with sourcing parts.

The wheeled mini excavator solves digging, trenching and excavating problems and accessing remote locations. With our hydraulic drive kit it can move itself on and off road, it can also use its hydraulic excavating arm to pull itself forward. It can quickly excavate on the roadside whilst still hitched to a van or can be towed by a 4×4 to remote locations and able to work independently of the towing vehicle. It is ideal for homeowners, farmers, landscapers, plumbers, electrical contractors and government maintenance contractors

No trailer needed, tows behind any mid to large size car or van or pickup

All hydraulic components are available from many national suppliers

Bespoke options, we have had numerous enquiries about plans for different types of mini excavators we can provide plans for various types.

*Note any plans given are for individual use only the plans may not be reproduced for resale and are for a one off for the customer and not for commercial use, should you be interested in selling these machines please contact us*


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Steel Kit £3900, Complete £8900