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Due to popular demand Powerfab again offer this hydraulic skid steer loader that was first made in the 1990’s

Many of these machines are still in use (google powerfab loader) and they have proven that they are reliable, robust and versatile machines

As this loader is less than 750kg and can be towed on its own removable suspension axles behind a car or van.

It has many attachments including earth drills, grapples, forks, brush, digging arm and loading buckets

You can quickly get back the costs of making this machine by hire/rental

The video shows the machine in action. Any questions please contact us





In no event shall the seller of these plans be liable for errors or omissions in plans, builder skill level or injury or death, including incidental, contingent or consequential damages to persons or property. If you do not accept this liability, do not build this towable backhoe. There is no technical assistance with these plans. These plans are for informational purposes only and do not purport to cover all details or variations in design, nor provide for every possible contingency to be met during constructions or operations. Buyer accepts all liability and takes full responsibility for final design, construction and operation, including safety and compliance with laws or acts. Should problems arise that are not covered in these plans or further assistance be needed, purchaser should seek professional help.


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