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360 Spider


Product Description


Don’t be deceived by its size, thats its biggest asset! In the design of this 360 mini excavator we incoporated all the durability, cost effectiveness and practical requirements an operator needs when he is stuck in a corner. Fitting though a garden gate or a doorway of a house, this versatile 360 swing excavator can access and operate in confined areas.

When on site the machine uses its hydraulic excavating arm to pull itself forward, backwards or side to side. When in its digging position, and as it is 360 degree slew it can then dig over its wheels and utilise the rear spades as anchors resulting in a very good tearout force. Also as it is on wheels and is light it does not damage the turf like tracked machines. It is ideal for self build homes, farmers, landscapers, plumbers and contractors.

The machine can fit into the back of small van for transport or it has a towing option (optional extra) with suspension so can be towed on the road or over rough terrain to remote locations by a quad bike or 4WD. No need for an expensive trailer.

Its specification is a torquey 10 Kw engine, its rear anchors allows a 1 ton bucket tearout force, its digging depth is 1.5m
Levers on the side so no controls in front obstructing the operators view of the dig. Wheels move inside for narrow access e.g. house doorway. Electric start engine with optional hydraulic oil cooler to power hydraulic breakers, augers etc

Choice of levers at front or side/Choice of engines

The specification can be changed to suit your application.



Additional Information


Steel Kit £1950, Complete £5900