2wd/4wd 180excavator

Product Description


Designed and developed using our 30 years expertise, the new Powerfab 180 is engineered utilising the knowledge we acquired not just designing but also manufacturing and marketing thousands of towable excavators around the world including America, Australia, Canada, Europe …..
The Powerfab 180 offers features and innovations not found on other wheeled mini excavators. The chassis is built to allow narrow access (will fit through the doorway of a house), deep digging ability and 180 degree slew. It has reinforced axles and multipoint front and rear plates that enable you to add the following optional extras as and when you require:-

* Skid steer hydrostatic drive

* Self leveling (VDS) greater digging efficiency.

* Rear anchor for increased tearout force.

*Hydraulic Power Take Off (HPTO) to operate accessories such as post hole borers, machine mounted breakers, concrete saws. See the video on the link for more informatio

The wheeled mini excavator solves digging, trenching and excavating problems and accessing remote locations. With our hydraulic drive kit it can move itself on and off road, it can also use its hydraulic excavating arm to pull itself forward. It can quickly excavate on the roadside whilst still hitched to a van or can be towed by a 4×4 to remote locations and able to work independently of the towing vehicle. It is ideal for homeowners, farmers, landscapers, plumbers, electrical contractors and government maintenance contractors.

Digs 5-6′ Depth
8′- 10′ Reach
7′ Loading Height
2600lb – 3000lb Ripping Power
2000 psi Operating Pressure
120 Degree Lateral Swing
8 HP Engine
14″ Bucket
Engineered drawings and assembly instructions

Parts listing

No trailer needed, tows behind any mid to large size car or van or pickup



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