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Designed and developed using our 30 years expertise, the new Powerfab 355 degree 4 Wheel Drive is light enough to minimise damage to turf, the self trailering ability saves on costs and it can out dig most minis with its 2m digging depth and 1.5 ton digging force.

360 Spider

Don’t be deceived by its size, thats its biggest asset! In the design of this towable 360 mini excavator its light weight on two wheels is important for conservation areas and it can be easily towed on road by car or off road by a quad bike to remote locations.

3D CAD Plans of all our products

Powerfab offer designs AND technical support for you to build your own product.Powerfab products date back to the 1980’s and many of those machines are still in use today. Our current range are based on the previous proven, reliable, robust and versatile machines


We can source grants (money you don’t have to repay) for you to build your own prototype. Building your own product with our plans or kits is a rewarding and fun process, not to mention one which saves you money! Technical support is offered to everyone, ensuring your product is a success. Message us for more information and save thousands!!!


Specialist bespoke machines such as a remote control demolition machine can be designed AND/OR built to your specification. The cordless machine is ideal, it can fit through a doorway and the operator is not exposed to any unnecessary risk e.g. falling debris and vibration injuries etc. that can be caused by long-term use of hand-held breakers.


Empowering customers and offering the best possible value for money.
Designed in the UK, sold world-wide!

Powerfab sell a range of plans and kits to allow customers to build their own mini excavators and loaders as well as any bespoke equipment requested. We offer pioneering, strong and high performance fabricated kits and products worldwide.
Having been involved in manufacturing mini excavators since the 1980’s Nathan John the CEO has gone on to sell machines throughout the world.

  • GRANTS sourced for customers to build their own prototype
  • Products manufactured in UK
  • Ongoing technical support


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